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Colors for industry.

Germacolor your competent partner for technical advice and the supply of both economical and high quality alternatives for your needs in dyes / pigments for industrial use and optical brighteners.
For a successful product you need a strong visual signal matching your label´s strategy and the message of your brand. Our high – quality color pigment range is the base for a successful communication of your label´s design. The wide range of Germacolor dyes offers attractive solutions for the specific challenges of different areas of application.

Do you have questions about our products or just a feedback? Please contact us, we always make time for individual and in-depth technical advice.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our philosophy

. . . is to fulfill the requests of our customers with good products and user – friendly service. Especially important for us is a cooperation with our partners and customers based on mutual trust.
We look forward to answer all your questions regarding colors, dyes and optical brighteners. Highly professional and complete technical advice and the high quality of our products are the mission statement of our company.

Products .

Our product range.

Colors for industrial use

With our wide range in industrial colors we supply manufacturers of detergents, cleaners, plastics, lacquers, inks, writing materials, waxes and lots of other applications. The area of application determines to a great extend the quality standards a dye has to fulfill.
Germacolor not only guarantees the high quality of the dyes supplied by us, but also high quality service for our customers.

Optical brighteners

Panaphor, our optical brightener product line, is often used in the plastics- , detergents - , paper - , and textile industry. The Panaphor brighteners meet the latest ecological standards and fulfill the requirements of our industry partners regarding economy and processing. Our Panaphor product line offers liquid and dry (powder / granulate) optical brighteners.
Panaphor stands for brilliance, highest degrees of whiteness and the impression of maximum purity!

Quality . Ecology .

Germacolor. Our promise. Your confidence.


Our prime business goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore our products have to achieve top positions among competitors. Quality is the main feature of our company philosophy. In addition to quality, safety and environmental protection are among the most important demands of our time. Long – lasting close cooperation with our suppliers ensures the best possible control starting with the primary products up to the finished product and guarantees you highest quality.
But quality to us means more than that: a distinctive customer service. In addition to our high quality products we as a reliable partner offer much more: we support our customers in the completion of manifold challenges and offer custom – made solutions.


Ecological aspects are what today´s society increasingly focuses on. This is represented in our customers´ product demands and requirements. Our products are in accordance with ecological standards and regulations and fulfill their requirements. Our database gives you all the details about ecology, physics, toxicology and safety of our products and serves as the source for product information regarding labelling of chemicals and safety measures for use, transport or storage.


Product safety.

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  • The new EU chemicals policy came into effect 2007
  • Of course all indexed substances in our products that are produced in Europe or imported to Europe are REACH pre-registered by us or our suppliers, so that the requirements for the use of transition phases until the final registration of the chemicals are fulfilled. Depending on the production volume, the registration will take place between 2010 and 2018.
  • At this time there is no need to change our product range.
  • Should our products contain substances included in the latest list of SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) over 0,1 % mass (w/w), we will inform you accordingly. If you purchased these products within the last 12 months, our product management will offer you alternatives. For products containing more than 0,1 % of SVHCs we will also send you the latest safety data sheets. In chapter 3 of the data sheet you will find information about content and declaration of the SVHC in question.
  • Hereby Germacolor fulfills the information requirements as in article 31 (1) REACH. This enables you as a supplier of products to fulfill your information requirements in the supply chain according to REACH article 33.
  • The GLOBALLY HARMONIZED SYSTEM will standardize the classification and declaration of chemicals worldwide. Starting 01.12.2010 the declaration concerning pure substances comes into effect in the EU. Starting 01.06.2015 GHS will also apply to mixtures. Germacolor will adapt data sheets accordingly.
    GHS includes new labelling elements divided into different categories.
  • The dangerous goods labels remain unchanged.

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